Princess Nabila Zafir    , or just Nabila, is the older sister of Princess Simahya. She lives in Al Hayrah, a town located in an Arab country, with her siblings and parents. Nabila is described as bossy and thinks she's in charge of anything. Simmy even tells Desi that she shouldn't sneeze unless Nabila allows her to. Nabila is described by Desi as looking just like Simmy's mother, beautiful. Desi later says that Nabila is like an older and thinner version of Simmy. Nabila is very cruel to Simmy constantly forcing her into rigorous diets and exhausting exercises. She even makes jokes about Simmy's weight behind her back along with Mrs. Farahani. She seems to also be jealous of Simmy as she intentionally breaks Simmy's French horn so she can't perform in front of the queen and then offers to sing to her to replace Simmy. It is later implied that Nabila is not as horrible to Simmy after Desis interference.