Princess Simahya bint Zafir bin Sultan al-Dhayrif, or Simmy for short, is a Level One princess Desi substitutes for. She lives in the town of Al Hayrah located in an Arab country. Simmy lives in a palace with her two brothers and older sister, Nabila. Desi mentions that Simmy is a bit chubby, but is pretty and looks nice with her hair up. Simmy seems to be very shy and has trouble standing up for herself around Nabila and her PR coordinator, Mrs. Farahani. Simmy is 13 years old and loves the color orange as posted on her personal information given to Desi on her manual. Simmy's favorite book is The Trumpet of the Swan by E.B. White and her favorite food is chicken with nuts in spicy marinade as well as fresh baked rosemary bread. She's also a fan of sweets. Her family includes Sheikh Zafir, a prime minister and her mother who is unnamed although it is mentioned she travels a lot. Simmy also mentions having a lot of aunts, uncles and cousins. She states that there are fifteen women in the family. Simmy is Muslim and is the youngest in her family. Her activites include collecting ducks, watching American soap operas, and playing the French horn. Her house as described by Desi has a grand mirrored hallway, gold on gold furniture, an alcove, a fragrance of exotic flowers and twelve bathrooms. Many people throughout the book judge her by her weight such as Nabila and Ms. Farahani. One particular princess surrogate wrote this about Simmy:

AfricanPrincess: She's really quiet and likes to eat. A LOT. If you shut your mouth except when you're shoving food into it you'll do fine.