Her Majesty Queen Raelena, or simply Queen Raelena is the queen of an unnamed country. Simahya becomes Queen Raelena's friend after Raelena's visit to the palace. It is mentioned by Raelena that she loves elephants and even has an elephant brooch. Queen Raelena is very involved with helping others, Desi mentions that she throws charity event in her country and goes on talk shows to give out the message. Desi says she first saw Queen Raelena on Oprah. Sheikh Zafir lists all of Queen Raelena's achievements such as her: charities, her programs, as well as her trips around the world to prevent abuse and violence against women. She is also on top of every beautiful-royal list. Raelena also tells everyone about how involved Simmy is and how she would like to get to know her more. She was even prepared to give five hundred thousand dollars to the Daughters of Hope charity if Simmy played her French horn and she later offered her a concert in her country which Simmy/Desi accepted. Desi describes Queen Raelena as having chocolate curls and wearing a green satin gown.