Reed Pearon or simply Reed is Desi's crush in the books The Royal Treatment and A Farewell to Charms. He is a substitute for princes and an ally to Desi while working at Facade. In A Farewell to Charms it is revealed that he has been in Specter, a branch of Facade, much longer than Desi's been in Glimmer, the female substitute princesses branch of Facade. He began working as a sub for princes at age thirteen and continues to work there at age fourteen. It is also revealed that his parents are legacies as they've worked at Facade for a long time and work researching MP in organisms found all around the world. Reed is also an actor in the school's play A Midsummer Night's Dream and plays Bottom, a man who is given the head of a donkey. Reed's emotion is Truth, he is able to tell when someone is lying or not through magic.


Reed has worked at Specter two years, beginning when he turned thirteen. He has substituted sixty-five times and counting. The only known princes he has subbed for are brothers: Prince Barrett and Prince Karl of Fenmar. It was mentioned that his agent, Sergei had given him a tour of Facade in the book A Farewell to Charms.

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